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Updates from IRFF - Uganda for 2016


The school opened the year in 2016 with 110 pupils and closed with 120 pupils and 8 teachers, the P5 classroom was built, primary 6 class will start in 2017. The pupils have excelled academically; 96 pupils were promoted to the next class, and only 24 were asked to repeat - that is an 80% success rate.


During the year 15,000 bricks were baked, and 10,000 more await to be baked.

Pupils and school staff had an educational tour to the wild life centre seeing a number of animals, birds, plants, and snakes.

We held a Christmas party at the school, where parents, teachers and pupils had a great time as they shared gifts. The Top class graduated from nursery to primary 1. In her remarks, Head teacher Jesca gave an overview of the school, thanked all parents and other stakeholders for the support rendered and promised that primary 6 class will be put in place she urged parents and pupils to register for P6 class. The party was presided over by a representative from the Office of the President who promised that her office will construct two wooden classrooms to accommodate P6 class and office.

image1 image4

Children celebrating their graduation at the christmas party

We hosted the sponsor of Juuko Brian, Miss Rose Annette from the United Kingdom. It was a moment of joy to receive her at the school; Juuko Brian felt lucky and love receiving gifts from her.


The bore hole was serviced, changing some pipes to maintain its functionality and one more water tank was procured to ensure constant water supply, given the construction and brick-making going on at school. The teachers/staff salary has been paid with an increment, thanks to the efforts and financial support from IRFF-UK.

Our district was elevated to Municipality level of local Government administration. This came with constant school supervision from the Municipality, setting new standards like the latrine which was filled and stinking; must be a latrine with privacy for girls and boys, and teachers’ salaries must be a minimum of Ush. 200,000/=   

Four Projections were requested to IRFF-UK for assistance: constructing a VIP latrine at Destiny Junior School at a sum of Ushs. 32,211,500. It will be built over 3 phases: Phase 1 covers the procurement of 12000 clay bricks and excavation of a septic tank (20ft deep x 20ft length), and soak pit (10ft wide x 12ft deep, perimeter of 10ft). Phase 2 is concreting walls from the bottom of the septic tank to surface, and making concrete slabs to cover the tank. Phase 3 consists of building stances, plus certain walls, roofing, fixing doors, plastering, and painting.


Construction well under way on the new latrine at Destiny Jnr. School


Digging of the two pits is finished, 12000 clay bricks, 5 trips of river sand, 7 trips of lake sand, and many other building materials are on site. We are now busy constructing the septic tank.

The next step is to put on the top slab, then move to Phase 3, which is building stances, curtain walls, roofing, plastering, and painting.



2016 has been very challenging, the team had to camp and fight the pests (Jiggers, bedbugs, and lice) that waged a war in homes/communities. The most affected are the children below 12 years, and the aged. Many of them suffer from pneumonia, malnutrition, fever and are anaemic. The team managed to treat 27 primary schools plus 42 communities (removing jiggers from over 600 pupils, 2200 community members, spraying classes/homes, plus giving hygiene talks). It’s been a year when some parents had to take their children to police stations because they could not manage to treat the jiggers in their bodies; this year we lost 5 aged four, and one baby due to jiggers. This prompted the police office to participate in the exercise of removing jiggers. The team have referred the very sick to health centres and made visits to their hospital beds. 20 lives were saved thanks to Paul, Director of Kigulu Prime Academy and team members; this was possible due to their commitment.

As most families are very poor, it’s hard to keep good basic health practice like washing or bathing with soap. They hardly have essential commodities such as soap, salt, paraffin, sugar, blankets, or a proper shelter. The team hatched the idea of engaging community members in income generation activities per house-hold. As I write now 10 piglets were given to groups ready to take on the project. Some of these pigs have delivered piglets which each member in the group will share, enabling the continuity of the project!


One of the pigs gave birth to twelve piglets. It brought a smile to this young one who was once treated by the MMT.

Others are involved in maize and water melon agriculture; the groups have started the harvest. The setup fund was donated by Kabuuma Joint Families from their sale of chickens, eggs and crafts.

image23 image25



WAIT Uganda and the Girl-Child Project continued their good work of reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS and supporting vulnerable and poor girls in 2016.

The team, led by Tadeo Buyinza, embarked on a cleaning project at the Kakajjo slum in Kampala. They were able to improve the hygiene of the area by cleaning the well and drainage system. They also offered valuable gifts to the slum children, including dozens of books, pencils and pens, as well as education on the menstrual cycle and sanitary pads to the teenage girls.

image26  image27


The WAIT and Girl-Child Project visited Masaka Prison with their education and outreach mission, and also went to Sarah Secondary School and Bright Land High School, where they offered a WAIT performance and taught character education.

The leaders of the Girl-Child Project were sent to a workshop to learn how to make liquid soap so that they would be able to help hundreds of poor and vulnerable people with basic cleanliness and hygiene. Reports will follow soon.


PLAN FOR 2017 


  • Complete the ongoing latrine construction project
  • Open primary 6 class
  • Make more bricks as we get ready for further expansion
  • Maintain the academic performance (recruit two more teachers)
  • Start maize and beans farming to subsidise the feeding of the children.
  • Continue with the usual school activities



  • Continue with jigger removing, spray of pests, sanitation/hygiene talk, and the formation of income generating projects.
  • Pay day allowance to volunteers
  • Get a funder for the community project



  • Do the clothes sales, poultry, craft and piggery
  • Take care of the 12 orphans



We thank the sponsors, funders and the entire IRFF – UK for the financial support that has enabled us to feed the children, pay teacher’s salaries, organise tours and pupils’ Christmas party, and most all for the latrine construction at Destiny Junior school. Also for supporting the MMT, and community projects; without you, life would be very difficult. Thank you very much and may God reward you accordingly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Robert Mwogeza


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