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Update from Uganda - September 2018



The second term closed on 24th August 2018 with 102 pupils and 10 members of staff. During the term, the pupils’ academic ability was given priority, especially Primary 7, as it’s the first attempt by the school to sit Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). Teachers and pupils worked hard to ensure the achievement of good grades. The pupils sat mock exams from different examiners, including the municipality, and district sets, and proved competent and promising to pass the PLE well. 

Also at Destiny Junior School, furniture and fittings for the new library have been completed: three study tables, two office desks, twenty chairs were procured plus the carpentry work of fitting the book shelves is all done, waiting to stock the books. 


Destiny School Library

   DestinySchool Library 02 



The play station is fun for every pupil at school. During break times, classes use them as scheduled. Every class has been located time to use the play station; before there used to be commotion as the bigger pupils would take advantage of the smaller ones. We thank the Alton community ladies for such a donation that offers fun and pleasure to the children, not only those studying at Destiny Junior, but also the children around the community who come after school closes and on public holidays to have fun. Thanks Michelle for raising the funds! 


Playstation 02




Destiny Junior Primary 7 Pupils and teachers, led by head teacher Jesca, visited Kigulu Prime Academy in Iganga. This was an academic exchange programme, to enable the Primary 7 pupils of both schools to share experiences, sit a special mock examination and gauge their passing grades. Besides a tour and enjoyment, it was a learning experience for pupils and teachers of both schools. The pupils requested to do it again in October this year before they sit their PLE for it helped them to identify their weak points and areas to work on. Director Paul Isabirye wasn’t with us as he was attending the funeral of his mother.


Kigulu Prime Academy 02

 Kigulu Prime Academy 04



The Working Board instructed two directors to go to Masaka and supervise the projects in this region. We managed to reach Butale Mixed Primary School, though we didn’t meet Francis the head teacher who was caught up with district work. Justine, one of the staff members welcomed us; we toured the projects funded by IRFF UK which included the bore hole, latrine, kitchen, library and classroom desks. All of them are being cared for!


MasakaProjects 01

 MasakaProjects 02


After that we went to Kawule Farm where we saw the poultry house which is under construction, the pig house with five pigs, two water tanks and the vegetable gardens. The farm manager, Tadeo Buyinza explained how the farm is steadily growing. The poultry barn had to be changed from a temporary to a permanent structure due to the insecurity in the area. We were not allowed into the Masaka prison for security reasons!


MasakaProjects 04

 MasakaProjects 03



The team continued with pest control in the communities, as a result of the leaders sending invitations due to an epidemic of bed bugs, lice, mosquitoes, etc. invading them, so they called for our intervention. Thirty six homes have been sprayed with pesticides in the villages of Buyende and Lyingo near Lake Kyoga. 

   Mobile Medical Team 01

Mobile Medical Team 04


In conclusion, I thank the volunteers, team “No Sleep” and IRFF UK for the funding and all support offered that enabled the above activities to be implemented. 

Robert Mwogeza 

Director, IRFF UG.


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