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Destiny Junior School

Since 2008 IRFF UK has been building and developing a new school for underprivileged children in Kibiri, a village between Kampala and Entebbe, near Lake Victoria. 


Our progress since 2008:

Through the generous donations of our supporters we’ve been able to achieve a lot over the past few years:

  • Between 2009 and 2012, IRFF UK constructed a classroom block consisting of 4 classrooms and the school office. The school began to provide education for some of the most disadvantaged children in the district.
  • In 2011, an 8000 litre fresh water tank was installed.  At that time, there were 70+ children and 6 teachers. The children were receiving a simple meal every day. Despite the very basic conditions, and lack of funding to provide adequate salaries for the teachers, Destiny Junior School came 6th out of 200 schools in the district (September 2011).
  • In 2013, a bore hole was constructed on the site. This not only provides fresh water for the children to drink and wash, but also provides water for the community after the school closes each day.
  • In 2014, the school’s kitchen was constructed – walls plastered, floor cemented, and a large fuel-efficient wood burner stove was installed thanks to donations collected in the UK. (The kitchen is called “Beverley’s Kitchen” in gratitude to the key donor for its construction.) Since then, the children’s diet at Destiny School has improved; every day, the children have a meal of rice or matoke (plantain) with beans and avocado or other fruit in season. The school library was also opened in 2014.
  • In 2014, land became available adjacent to the site, and IRFF UK began an appeal to raise funds to purchase this land.  In December 2014, we were able to acquire the deeds, and in 2015, work began to prepare the land for constructing 3 more classrooms and a new library. IRFF volunteers helped the teachers and older children to level the site, and prepare for brick-making. By September, this plot was fenced, and work began on the school allotment where each child will have their own patch to cultivate.


What we hope to achieve

In the 3rd phase of development, our aim is to complete the second school building, which will consist of 3 classrooms and a new school library. This will enable the children in Destiny School to graduate from primary education. IRFF UK would like to sponsor as many of the children as possible to continue their education. We would like to bring the Child/Teacher Sponsorship Programme to full capacity.

Together, we can make this vision a reality by:

  • Continuing to improve the health of the children, through providing a balanced diet and basic health care.
  • Continuing to improve the educational standards at Destiny School by supporting the teachers and pupils with better materials and classroom conditions.
  • Paying the teachers an adequate salary.
  • Completing the construction of the 3 new classrooms and the new school library.
  • By constructing a play area for use of all the children and a kitchen garden.


4th phase of development: build a medical clinic at the school in partnership with the Rotary Club of Kampala. IRFF would need to purchase or rent the building space whilst the Rotary Club would furnish the clinic!


How you can help!

Any donation you feel inspired to give can help us achieve our goal of developing Destiny Junior School and providing more opportunities for children in the area.

You can also become a Child or Teacher sponsor and make a regular contribution to the development of the school. Find the sponsorship details here


You can find the Child Sponsorship form online here! 

Sponsorship Program

Through this program we are providing remnumeration for the teaching staff, as well as one nutritional meal per day, basic medical care and school supplies for the children.

How you can help

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a Child

Our child sponsorship program supports the children at Destiny Junior School. Your sponsorship will provide a daily meal, supplies, and help in the expansion of the school. You can also sponsor a teacher to help pay for their salaries.

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