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Kawule Farm Project

IRFF UK has supported the establishment of Kawule Farm since early 2017 as a money-making operation for the owner but also for IRFF Uganda on its path to self-sufficiency. The farm which is located near Masaka is ideal for rearing pigs and chicken, but also suitable for growing crops in raised beds. The local community can benefit from learning agricultural techniques, receiving chickens and eggs, and drinking water; whilst IRFF Uganda and the farm manager can also receive income from the sale of piglets and crops. IRFF has provided the project with a micro-loan to install a large water tank, build the piggery and purchase the initial livestock and seeds. 

In 2018, a chicken house was constructed and chickens were purchased as a means to generate short-term income for the farm while they wait for the birth and growth of piglets until they are ready for selling! One sow gave birth to eight piglets and vegetables are now plentiful. With the purchase of the second, smaller water tank, there is now ample water available both for the farm use and the local community!!

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